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The Applied Research Division of Prospectus Group is committed to providing high-quality research to those looking to make informed public health decisions.

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Which interventions should we allow prevention providers to implement in our system? How do we know what’s most effective and evidence based?

The answers are out there buried in journals, evaluation reports and other POWER of ON-DEMAND PROCESS DATA REPORTS Ecco Electronic Records Systems for Public Health / Prevention Empowers states and funding systems to capture and report data that is required funders, and help drive decision making.

Ecco (Electronic Records System)

With Ecco, we leverage technology to increase access to knowledge and tools, administer and track technical assistance, and collect, capture, and report process data. Ecco 9.0 for Public Health / Prevention offers unparalleled functionality, and amazing design.

How are my states interventions progressing? I want to know how my providers are progressing through their community interventions.

Ecco collects progress data in a manner that reduces user burden and improves efficiency. Ecco helps your prevention providers track their progress as they complete their interventions. The data is available in real time to system managers and decision makers.

It takes too long to put these reports together for the Feds and our state reps!

With one touch reporting from Ecco, get your data with one click in the format you need to send it off. Save your time and effort from process evaluation reports that take hours or even days to put together. Ecco does this in one click!

How many hours are being spent on prevention education? A reasonable question... but can be a difficult question to answer. With just one click, one and get a full breakdown of where your prevention systems work hours are being allocated. View them at the intervention type level or drill down to intervention name.

Worried about how the data is being entered by providers...

That's okay, because we monitor data that is entered into Ecco, with the combination of algorithms that are designed to catch irregular entries, and good ole human eyes from some super smart MPH folks! No clicks needed.

Need to make alterations?

We got that covered! We understand that applications need to be as flexible as the communities that we serve. It’s this reason that Ecco is always evolving to meet the needs of our clients.

What happens when our providers need training?!

Our team of engineers and public health professionals, can help you build and adapt the Ecco system that best fits your needs!